A Special Meeting at Home on The Ranch

Howdy Chuckwagon Friends

You know, every time you turn on the T.V. or read the newspaper, there are always stories told of bad things.   I prefer not to listen to all that, so I want to share with you a feel good story.

Last summer, a local friend of a friend, got a hold of us during our Chuckwagon season.  Her Grandma Elsie’s 80th birthday was coming up, and she wanted to surprise her with a meeting up with my husband Rick.  Elsie loves Chuckwagon Racing, and since watching the T.V. Series The Half Mile of Hell a number of years ago, she since then claimed Rick as her favorite driver.  Elsie never dreamed possible she would ever have the chance to meet up with us.  But little did she know,  anything is possible if you just dream it.

So we got the call, and planned a nice surprise luncheon out at our Ranch inviting Shannon  to bring “Grams” as she’s called, to spend the afternoon.  Well let me tell you, when Grams realized where she was and who she was to meet, this O’L gal was excited to say the least.  You would thought she died and went to heaven.


Unbeknownst to Grandma Elsie, she made our day too!  The joy and laughter this lady holds, and also her wit, fills anyone’s day with Joy!  So here are a few photos of the fun we had that day.


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We are now into our 4rth show of the season.  So many folks are not able to come to each venue to watch us race, but what they can do is sit and listen on the Sirius Sattelite Rural Radio channel 147.  And that’s just what Grandma Elsie does.  So we thought we would make her day, and give her a shout out of “Hello” from her favorite driver Rick.  Her reaction tells the story.

And Grandma Elsie listening to Chuckwagon Driver Ricks race.

Trust our story puts a smile on your face today.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and Team 23

P.S. Life is an opportunity to contribute love in your own way.



5 thoughts on “A Special Meeting at Home on The Ranch

  1. You are awesome people!!!!! From a Bashaw fan who always cheered for Reg until he retired….your team has now taken his place in my heart. I love your blog and am amazed how you ever find the time to keep it up with all the things you do. I so admire your energy!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Sue …awesome story …..so good to read something happy
    And put a smile on a persons face ……you and Rick are truly special couple …..
    See you in Ponoka

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  3. Very Cool you two!! How easy to make a difference and let someone have one of their dreams come true! Take care and good luck at the races!

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