Grande Prairie Stompede Night #2 2018

Howdy All!

The second day of racing, and the weather has been pretty cool up here in Grande Prairie.  We are hoping the warmth comes soon, as we want to shed all the extra outerwear.

My day was fairly busy, going through photos I’ve taken, making breakfast for the crew, managed to fit in a manicure appointment, took a much-needed nap, prepared and served supper, and then it was race time again.


A Camp Favorite

Today the crew enjoyed my breakfast specialty, the cheese bun bacon and egger.  It is quite filling, and everyone is pretty excited when they get it.


Playin Games

Our next door barn kids were going hard playing Chuckwagon Racing.  Well, they went around and around, making the horn sound and chaaing as they went.  Growing up in this atmosphere, it is very common to see this all the time.  It is a pretty unique life when you get to do what we do.


Strolling the Box Stalls

My niece and nephew stopped in after the races with their young ones.  They love our sport, and support us each and every season.  Their kids get right into the races, cheering as loud as they can when uncle Ricky is on the track, along with Cody as well.  They live in the city so they don’t get up close and personal with horses until we come to town.  It’s a big, big thrill to do this.  Tomorrow little Ava is coming with her dad to help with the chores in the morning.


The Top on One

Cody was off the one barrel tonight in his heat.  His hook was Bacardi on the Left Lead, Sporty on the Right.   Jim on the Left Wheel, and Vegas on the Right.  Cody drove them well, but he didn’t quite start as hard as they could have.  He was penatly free and crossed the finish line at a time of 1:20.73.  He’s sitting 6th overall in the Western Chuckwagon Association.


Charging Hard

Rick was on the two barrel tonight.  When the horn sounded, Spirit was ready to go!!!  He started hard and charged on forward.  Now, if we could just it all of them together to perform the exact same way, what a pretty sight that would be.  Tonight hook was the same as last night.  Spirit on the Left Lead, Ranger on the Right.  Cowboy on the Left Wheel and Glory on the right.  Chance and Quiad did an excellent job holding the leaders and throwing the stove, mounting their horses and riding around the track.  You’ve got to be in really good shape to do what they do.


Just a Walking

This year our lives are going to change, and go down a different  kind of path when the Calgary Stampede is complete.   Although we have made the decision to retire from Chuckwagon racing, it doesn’t mean we have everything in place going forward.  And that’s OK!  We are going to take it just one step at a time.  The one thing that I do know, is I’m going to spend a whole bunch more time with our grandkids.  How fun is that?

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Having a place to go—–is a home.  Having someone to love—– is a family.  Having both is a blessing.   Donna Hedges