Grande Prairie Stompede Night #5 2018

Howdy All!

As Sunday is the last day of the Stompede, it also means it is pack up day.  Back on the road again tomorrow to head out east.  So that is what was on the agenda for the morning hours after chores and breakfast.   Everything has a place when you have a Travel Trailer unit.  There is not very much space, and then you tend to limit to only what you need…….or think you need.  Maybe I could do that back at home too?  Hmmmmm.


Something Funny

So, I have to tell you something funny.  You know those smooch cams at hockey games and rodeos?  Well they had one here at the Chuckwagon Races.  Well it was scouting the crowd and landed on these two fine people.


Really? She Says?

Fellow Chuckwagon driver, Chad Harden.  And the women beside him?  It’s not his wife Dori.  Its his hired hand.  The camera crew stayed on them for quite some time.  I’m sorry to tell you, there was no smooching going on, just a whole bunch of giggles and laughter.


Me and My Dad

Today was special, as my dad was able to make it out to the races to see his Grandson Cody drive, and Rick compete in his last race here in Grande Prairie.  Dad is 86 years young and is looking pretty darn good.


Funny Photo

When family gets together, it’s always important to get that funny family photo.  There is always craziness, smart remarks and funny faces to boot.  Glad we took the time to make memories.


Family Time

Ryker wasn’t to happy to have to pose, he was more interested in playing in the mud and the rain.  I wished Amy, Chris, Coy and the other Chris could have been here.  I guess we’ll have to photo shop them in some how.


Leading the Pack

Cody was still pumped today after winning day money in yesterday’s race.  Today he was driving the same crew, Orchid on the Left Lead, Spirit on the Right Lead, Harlington Club on the Left Wheel and Sporty on the Right Wheel.  When the horn blew, the team went.  Cody shot out of the infield like a rocket and stole the show all the way around the track, placing a time of 1:18.39, good enough for a 2nd on the day.  He loves to drive just like his dad.  Pretty proud of my son.


Home Stretch Run

After four days of racing, the drivers get shuffled around into different heats according to their running times excluding any penalties assessed.  Tonight we were off the three barrel in the seventh heat.  Our hook tonight was Louie on the Left Lead, Nickle on the Right Lead, Cowboy on the Left Wheel and Vegas on the Right Wheel.  A change-up of outriders, with Dayton Sutherland holding the leaders with Ed, and Keegan, a newbie in the field, threw the stove on Ice.

It was an evening of craziness.  Rick was late getting to the track, because of a little confusion back at the barns.  They got that straightened out, but he didn’t quite have time for a practice turn, so he did a half assed one when he got to the infield.  I call it improvising.  At any rate, he made it in to the barrels for the start of the race.  The horn sounded and away they went.  But for some reason, rounding the top, the barrel got in the way.  A five second penalty as the barrel got squished.  And to top that off, one of the outriders had a bit of difficulty mounting his horse which caused him to be late.  Then Bam!  A total of 6 seconds in penalties just like that.

Congratulations to Evan and Adrienne Salmond on their Grande Prairie victory.  Well deserved.


Well Worn Shoes

As time goes by, day in and day out, our lives pass right before our eyes.  Just like these horseshoes, they are needed by the horses to keep them on the straight and narrow path, giving them a solid foundation.  In time though, they wear down, and may fall off, or be  removed as they are useful no more.  But yet are a necessity in a Chuckwagon horses racing career.


Love and Beyond

I must say, I’m very fortunate and proud, to have a family that we’ve raised, and have given them a solid foundation to continue to grow and be who they are meant to be. This Chuckwagon life that we have lived, has molded us and our kids into what we are today.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him, and then choose that way with all his stregth.