Ponoka Stampede Day #1

Howdy All!

It has been a busy couple of days since we settled here in Ponoka. We hold many great memories from High River and this is one of them.  Our sponsor from Peter Niemans Water Well drilling, were in attendance with their little guy.  Well I’m a sucker for kids and we were entertained a fair bit with his cuteness.

Even on non race days, some of the horses need to run.  It just depends on the rotation of when they are hooked at the show.  Tuesday morning, it was time for one of the teams to go.  Rick, David and fellow driver Chad Harden went for the ride.  This photo amazes me at how hired barn hand David just sits on the seat, not hanging on enjoying the tour around the track.  Being from New Zealand, and not knowing much about this sport, he’s adapted to it quite well.


Along for the Ride

Many other teams hook up and utilize the track as well.  The outriders also get out and ride a few horses to keep them in shape.


Morning Exercise

Chanse Vigen, World Champion Outrider and now driver, continues to exercise his own horses.  He’s one of the best that has ever been.  An all around athlete.


After a run, the horses will often enjoy a roll in the dirt.  It’s a way that they like to scratch their back.  I always enjoy watching them, do their little body shake when they get back up.  It must feel so good to them.


A Wall Display

Thursday morning, Rick and I will be heading to the local Tru Value Hardware store here in Ponoka.  Our friend Red Neck Barbie is having some drivers come in to sign some posters.  We had given her a coat, poster and hat, and I thought she needed a pitch forkas well.  My thoughts were that she was going to come and utilize it by forking the manure in our barn, but she apparently had other plans.

With the help of our daughter Kaylee, and Candice (our so called adopted daughter) we managed to put together our Horse Auction Sale Brochure.  It took some time getting the photos of all those horses, and trying to make them stand in the perfect position.  I knew it would be a chore.   Nonethe less, it is complete and I handed it out to all the camps this morning.  I didn’t get emotional doing this, until I chatted with Quaid an outrider, then I felt a tinge of sadness.  I said awhile ago that we were going to ride a roller coast with plenty of emotions, and this is so true.




And They’rerere Off!!!

Our hook tonight was Bacardi on the Left Wheel, Vegas on the Right Wheel.  Louie on the Left Lead and Speedy on the Right Lead.  Quiad Tournier was holding the leaders with Stadium and Chance Flad was throwing stove with Ice. Rick said they started with the other teams at the sound of the horn, and ran right along with them three wide.  He posted a 1:17.02 which was good enough for 16th on the day.  Our sponsor was Crystal Kids.


Team Favorite

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.  Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guartenteed.