Ponoka Stampede Day #3

Howdy All!

It was parade day here in Ponoka and the forecast was looking to be rain.  When we awoke at 6 AM, it was cool but no rain.  That was a good thing for all the people involved.  So much work goes into getting prepared to show your stuff down the streets of the town.


My Grandsons and Me

As Ryker’s other grandparents took him to the parade, I biked on over to catch a few minutes of the entertainment and enjoy it with the boys.

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There was lots to see, and my favorite were the horse and wagon teams along with all the indigenous floats.  So very colorful.




Ryker sure enjoyed the parade, sitting with his other Grandpa.  I remember someone told me,  “A Child can never have too many people to love them.”  Very true.


All smiles and a Lollypop

Our oldest daughter Amy came along too.


Big Big Horses


Over There!

There was so much to see and Coy and Ryker really enjoyed it, especially the Tractors.


Talkin Driving

After taking in a few minutes of the parade, I pedaled on over to the track to help pick rocks.  All families are asked to send someone up to help with this job.

Rick and a few of the other drivers, would pick rocks,  stop a few, visit, pick rocks, visit and visit some more.  I think they call this “Male bonding.” So awesome.  I’m pretty sure by the way Rick’s  hands are, they are talking Chuckwagon Racing.


A Big One

The drivers sometimes get a few booboos due to a flying rock, or it could cause a horse to go sore and we would’t want that.  It was a good thing I went up as I found a couple of rocks this size.   After every pass of the harrows, more rocks seem to come to the surface so the job needs attending each and every day.


Top Barrel Turn

Rick hooked Cowboy on the Left Wheel, Jim on the Right Wheel.  Ranger on the Right Lead and Spirit on the Left Lead.  Quaid rode Ed holding the leaders and Chance had Andy throwing the stove.  The team had a really decent start.  When Rick came around that top barrel, the hub of the wheel just brushed the barrel and it fell down.  We were both so disappointed.  It will better tomorrow.

IMG_4530 - Copy

What’s This?

What did make us laugh were these wonderful faces sitting on the fence cheering out-loud for Rick and I during our heat.  Pretty funny I must say.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Time spent playing with children is never wasted.  Dawn Lantero