Saskatoon Chuckwagon Races Day #2

Howdy All!

Well, first things first.  Rick had to make sure to get his stove put into the stove rack this morning, so there was a whole less  chance of having a stove not loaded in the second day of racing here at Prairieland Park in Saskatoon.  And he made sure he had proof that all was done.

When you have horses, they have to be cared for similar to a person to keep them sound and in good health to have them perform well in the discipline that they are in.  One of the things that we are adamant about is, that they are kept up with their dental work.  As a horses teeth are continually growing, they then need to be floated.  Or another term is filed down.


At the Dentist

Our friend, and retired Chuckwagon Driver, Leo Tournier is an Equine Dentist.  Leo studied this trade south of the border and enjoys his new-found job.  It really is amazing how much of a change for a horse is after they have visited the dentist.


So, So Spoiled

Our friend, Chantelle whom we met 3 years ago here in Saskatoon, all because her daughter caught a mini Chuckwagon after a race, visits us every year since.  We have become friends with Chantelle and her daughters.  They come bearing gifts.  One of the most delicious squares and a couple of dips for crackers.  Oh……..My……….Goodness!  It was all so good, that I didn’t want to share.  Thank you Chantelle.  You’re the Best!


Fast Friends

Today, Rick and I met a very special lady.  By chance? By choice?  No, I like to think, it was just meant to be.  Laurie, Mom of the late Evan Thomas of the Humboldt Bus accident and her dear friend Dianlle came by before the races to meet us, as we are recognizing her son Evan on our tarp during the four days of racing here at Prairieland Park on the second stop on our Chuckwagon Tour.


Through a friend of a friend, this idea was formed.  We did not know this family whatsoever befpre/   But when the idea came, for us to move forth, everything fell together, just as if it was all planned out in the beginning.  Today, as Laurie and I approached the tarp on our chuckwagon, for her to see for the very first time, we cried.  We cried and we hugged and we hugged and we cried.  Because thats what moms do. From one mom to another, we cried.  We know we cannot fix the pain, or bring Evan back, but we can recognize this amazing young man for what he stood for when he was here on earth.


Things are a Blur

Just as when Rick races by, things happen so fast and can always be such a blur.  And I know for a fact this fine family, Scott, Laurie and sister Jordyn feel that life right now as so much,  is just a blur.

This chuckwagon life just doesn’t matter so much anymore.  When things such as this come into our lives, theres a matter of perspective that overrides everything to a much higher degree.


So Happy

As each race comes to an end, a little chuckwagon finds a new home.


Happy Some More

This happy lady was more than excited.  When our friend Dori, handed it to her from Rick, a gentleman approached her and said that Dori broke her heart!  Dori apologized and hoped for the best.  The man said “No, its okay because it is a good break.”  This gentleman seen Dori pass the mini wagon to the lady in the wheelchair and he just had to share.  He said, “I seen who got the wagon, my son too was in a wheelchair, and he just passed on as well.” So so Powerful!


Waiting to Ride

Writing these stats, just seems so trivial.  But life does go on, one day at a time.

The hook tonight was Speedy on the Right Lead, Orchid on the Left.  Club on the Left Wheel and Barcardi on the Right.  Chance Flad rode Ed holding the leaders and Rory throwing the stove.  Yes the stove got loaded and the riders made it on time.  Our time was a 1:19.28 and was 20th on the day.


From The Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back, and realize they were the big things.

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  1. Sue what awonderful thing you guys have done I am sure there is many a wet eye as this is being read and those pictures will be treasures to look back at in years to co,me

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