Saskatoon Chuckwagon Races Day #3

Howdy All!

It all began with an idea.  My friend Lucy, from Saskatoon Saskatchewan suggested we do something special on our 2nd stop on the World Professional Chuckwagon tour, which would include the Humboldt Broncos, the Team that was involved in a fatal bus accident.  Lucy’s neighbor knew the Thomas family, and it was decided that we would ask the family if we could honor their late son Evan on our canvas during the four days of racing here at Prairieland Park.


Flying High

Team 23 was on it.  Over the past 3 days, we have greeted some new friends, we’ve hugged, we’ve cried and we have shared.


A Family of Friends

There was an instant bond with the Thomas family.  Our purpose was to recognize their son Evan, here at the Chuckwagon Races, doing what we love.


Going Hard

Rick was off the four barrel, wearing the yellow shirt.  He was really impressed with how the horses started, but then coming around the top barrel, the team almost jack-knifed which in turn, slowed the forward motion down just a bit.  Otherwise he may have gotten the rail.  He posted a time of 1:19.20 good for 13th on the day and sitting 15th in the average.  Chance Flad rode Stadium holding the leaders and Rory throwing the stove with Air.


A Little Guy for A Big Winner


Special Therapy

The Equine Animal, has been known to be an amazing therapy tool for many people.  We opened up our barn to allow the family to meet the horses, and just be, while they were with us.


Helping Out

Mom, Laurie got right in there helping wash and scrape the water off the horses after their usual bath once they’ve cooled down after their race.


Extra Baggage

There is always room for a little humor, and somehow, this yellow banana peel wound up hanging out in Laurie’s handbag.  Not quite sure how it got there, but I have a pretty good idea who may have put it there.  I think the guy wears a cowboy hat.


A Family Affair

There is always time for a photo for making memories.  Our crew got together to get a shot by the Chuckwagon and tarp.


Forever Changed

This photo of Scott, Laurie and Jordyn is precious.  Their family will never be the same, and it will take time to heal, grieve get through each day without the boy they once had.  Rick and I have never been so humbled.  This experience with the Thomas family is a treasure.  We have gained great friends who will remain in our lives for days to come.  We thank them for allowing us to be a part of their journey.


From The Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Crying is a way your eyes speak when your mouth can’t explain how broken your heart is.

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  1. Oh Sue, that is an awesome quote, and oh so true.
    What a wonderful tribute to Evan and his family. You and Rick are amazing people, full of love and compassion.
    May God bless you always. 🙏🏻

    • Thank you for your kind words. This was the least we could have done. We were touched by their friendship.

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