Medicine Hat Chuckwagon Races Night #1 2018

Howdy All

We made our way down south to the city of Medicine Hat on Monday.  It was a beautiful sunny day for driving, however the wind was blowing pretty good.  We made good time, arriving at 2 PM, but made a stop at the local bulk station to fuel up the big trucks so we won’t have to do it when we go to leave.


Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede Grounds

Before we arrived, our friends Rodger and Gina had filled all the gopher and badger holes for us, as we didn’t want one of the horses to trip up in one.  That was such a big help and a time saver, so the horses didn’t have to wait to long to get unloaded.

As we have met so many great people over the years, many have remained good friends with whom we enjoy getting together with fairly often.

Gina, was all over making supper for us last night.  I was so happy with this invite, as I then didn’t have to cook.  I got the evening off and enjoyed, rotisserie chicken, green beans, salad and homemade pie.  It was delicious to say the least.


Autograph Time

One of the many things drivers do, is go out into the community to sign posters and this week is no different.  There is a Wednesday and Saturday Market right here on the grounds.  So Rick didn’t have far to go to spread the word that the races were on.


Practice Run

We normally give the horses a days rest after travelling, so Wednesday we hooked one outfit in the morning to go for a run.  Kim, our hired barn hand, went for her first fast ride.  She did very well going around the barrels and onto the track.


Louie the Leader

Louie the grey seems to be the favorite when company comes around, but in the pen he’s hard up for friends.  Did you know grey horses carry a different kind of odor?  When you wash a grey horse, or it sweats,it tends to smell like wet chicken feathers.  That might sound silly, but it really is true.  This may be why they don’t buddy up with any other horses.  It’s a pretty good possibility.



All day the wind blew really hard, but it didn’t stop the chores from happening and the races continued on as planned.  As this is a smaller track and infield here, the heats only have 3 chuckwagons competing at a time. So there are 12 heats in all.


Around the Top

Rick decided to hook Orchid on the Left Lead, Speedy on the Right.  Club on the Left Wheel and Bacardi on the Right.  We were hooked with Luke Tournier on one barrel, Rick on two, and Chad Harden on three.  The horn sounded and they were off.  Our outfit didn’t have the prettiest start but Rick got them around the barrels nonetheless.  They ran hard to place 12 on the day.  Fairly happy with that, as the track gets deeper as the heats go on.  Chance Flad and Rory Jervais rode Stadium and Air, all doing  a superb job.


A Sneak Peak

We were very excited to be carrying the tarp Stringham LLP, a lawyer company in the area.  Many employees had come out tonight to watch the races, and boy were they excited when we had them come back to the barns to meet the horses.  Some even got to get up personally to show them some lovin.


A Bundle of Love

We often take what we do for granted, but its these kind folks that make it so much more exciting, because you get to show them around, and give them a little bit chuckwagon history.


The Gifted One

This gal was excited and surprised when she was given the mini little chuckwagon from our camp.  It’s just a little token that Rick and I give away



They always seem to say, if you will talk, somebody will be there to listen.  These two young fellas seem to be gettin it right.  Good on them.

From the Travelin Trailer

From Sue, with Rick and Team 23

DSC_2585 - Copy



P.S.  A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.  Doulgas Pagels




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  1. Hi Sue , Wow the horses looked so good last night ran ran so well Rick did very well .Lets hope Friday night is the same way .Thanks

  2. Hi Sue, Just wanted to say Thank You for your daily Travelin’ Trailer… I really enjoy your daily writings. I hope you are writing a book! Cheers Penny Shantz


    • Hi Penny
      Your so welcome. Still enjoy writing them, although sometimes its pretty late. So if I make mistakes, you’ll know why.
      A book in the future just might happen.

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