Medicine Hat Chuckwagon Races Night #2 2018

Howdy All!

This morning, Rick arose at 6 AM as usual to feed morning oats.  I woke up also, but decided to spend another 10 minutes of shut-eye.  Well, when I finally woke up for the day, the clock was saying 7:30 AM!   I jumped out of bed, got dressed and headed for the kitchen, putting the coffee on and getting breakfast underway for the crew.  I guess I was more tired than I thought.  I needed some extra zzzzz’s that I had missed.

When on the road, you must have a few different things to do other than chuckwagon racing.  My friend Lucy and I ventured around town looking for some garage sales.  We did find some and came away with a few new treasures.  So much fun!


A Sign?

The day doesn’t take long to go by, and before I knew it, the races had begun.  When I took the outriding horses over, I seen this little guy, looking for something to eat.  Cute as a button, he just tended to what he was doing and never minded a thing as to what we were up to.  Was he a sign of something? I would like to think so.


Cousin Troy

As we are in the 9th heat, we head on over to watch a few of the other wagons before us.  Cousin Troy Dorchester was off the one barrel tonight and I managed to capture a few action shots after the horn blew.


On The Run

Just like any activity, sometimes things just don’t go the way that we always had hoped.  Tonight, an outrider had a bit of trouble and the horse got away on him.  He made a couple of extra laps then was caught and put away.


Rearing to Go

John Walters in the 2nd heat off the 3 barrel, had his hands full, as his outfit was raring to go!  The right leader was anxious, reared up in the air, came down just as the horn sounded and away they all went.  It must have been good, as he posted a 1:27.36 a day money run.  Good for him.


Hang on Charlie!

The ninth heat came and Rick was hooked and ready to rock.  With Bacardi on the Left Wheel, Sporty on Right Wheel.  Orchid, a first year horse on the Left Lead, and Old Timer Nickle on the Right Lead.  Chance Flad teamed up with Stadium holding the leaders and Rory Gervais throwing the stove with Andy.

When the horn sounded, Rick whistled and away they all went.  They started not too badly, but could have been just a bit better.  Chad Harden took off on the one, and the race was on.  The Red Velvet wagon sped away in the lead on the rail, and the other two took up the trail behind.  Chad was speedy with a 1:03.54, good enough for 5th, Luke was 1:05.11 for 16th, and Rick with the Stringam LLp tarp posted a 1:05.26, a 19th on the day.  Our Team 23 is sitting 14th in the average after the two days of running.


Stringam LLP

If it wasn’t for the sponsors, we could not do what we love to do.  We thank our Medicine Hat sponsor, Stringam LLP.  A great bunch of folks who have come out to cheer us on and be a part of what we do.


Wagon Washer

Over the 30 odd years, Rick and I have met so many, many great people who have become very good friends.  At each stop, we look forward to seeing those amazing friends that will always hold a part of our hearts.


Funny Funny Guy

The smiles, the hugs, the laughter, the chats. All of this has made up of what our life on the road consists.  So many memories, we will cherish forever.  As Chad Harden said, the Fraser Farewell Journey continues.  We will make the most of the last days on the trail.


One Happy Little Guy

Our recipient tonight of the mini chuckwagon giveaway, when asked, he was Kipton from Canada and that all that was said.

At nights end, when all the hay, straw and oats were put in, Vegas was the last to go in, to be at rest till the morning hours when the next day chores begin.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Some day you will look back and understand why it all happened the way it did.

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