Medicine Hat Chuckwagon Races Night #3 2018

Howdy All!

My inner alarm got me up at 6 AM, and away I went out the door for a morning run.  The air was cool, and the clouds were plenty and I felt that it wouldn’t be long before the rain came down.  Well, we  were pretty fortunate, as the morning continued, only a very small sprinkles came fell upon us in our area.


Handsome Lad

I was pretty excited to have our daughter Amy, her husband Chris and their son Coy stop in for the day.  We stopped in at the local Farmers Market and then found some garage sales to go to in the area.  I’ve been know to be called the Garage Sale Queen as I can find a sale just about anywhere and I pretty much always come away with some pretty good deals.  Today was no exception as Jenn Dorchester messaged me, wanting me to look out for a bike for Connor.  Well I did find one for a pretty good deal and it came back to camp for Connor.


Proud to Be Canadian

At every show, we begin with the singing of our national anthem.  Here in Medicine Hat, the Royalty girls flew the Canadian Flag around the infield on their horses.  Always a proud moment for me, as a Canadian.


Steady and Strong

An opening act here was the Trick Rider girls.  Paynton Bensmiller, daughter of Lisa, whose husband Vern drives a chuckwagon, stays busy entertaining everyone.  She thoroughly loves her special gig, and is growing into a fine young gal


Fire Jumper


Day Money Run

I captured this shot of fellow driver Chanse Vigen running a speedy race.  He was driving for his dad Mike, as he had to sit out due to some medical issues.  Well it seemed to be the thing to do, as Chanse managed to capture a day money run with horses that they hooked.  What a great feeling that is!


Outrider Ready

Before Rick had entered the arena area, our outriders Chanse Flad  riding Stadium and Rory Jarvis riding Ed, were chit chatting away.  Not sure about what, but maybe something to do with the horses they were riding and how the race was going to go.


Pretty Pair

As the team was coming into the infield, the Grey and Chestnut were ready to go.  Rick hooked Louie on the Left Lead, Spin on the Right Lead.  Cowboy on the Left Wheel and Vegas on the Right Wheel.



Rick was off the one barrel tonight, Chad Harden on two, and Luke Tournier on three.  When the horn sounded, Lukes outfit started first.  But just as he was getting around the top barrel, his team kind of jack-knife as he was trying to get around the it and this slowed him down tremendously.  Chad and Rick were full steam ahead.  However though,  Rick was so close to that barrel, he moved it over just a few inches.  My breath stopped for a few seconds or so, until I could see all was good to go.  No crunched barrel.


A Happy Duo

We were pretty excited when we heard of the two recipients of the mini chuckwagon tonight.  They were pals, and Brenda had worked for our Sponsor company Springam LLP for many many years.  The two gals decided that they are going to share the little wagon.  A few months at the one house, then the next few at the others. How good is that?


A Night to Celebrate

When the horses were fed, watered, washed,  and put away, our sponsor group stopped by to explore the chuckwagon and venture into the barn to meet the ponies.  So many newbies that didn’t know a thing.  But when it was time to leave,  they seemed just a little bit more knowledgable about the whole darn thing.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy

P.S.  Happiness is not so much in having, as sharing.  We make a living by what we get, but what we make a life by what we give.

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    • Tom
      Thanks it was a great speedy race. Sun is shining today. Off the 3 barrel in the 9th heat this afternoon.


    • Hi Ed
      Yes Louie is a very good horse. Stands out from the rest of course. We haven’t had many greys over the years, but the ones we have had have all been really good.

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