Medicine Hat Chuckwagon Races Night #4 2018

Howdy All

The week has gone by fast, as they always do when we’re on the road.  From week to week, and traveling from city to city, things tend be become a blur at times.  Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying the life we’re living, it just seems as you get older, time passes just that much faster.  I think many of you can agree with me on this one.

Today, things went by fast as we had an early race day beginning at 2 PM.  I helped with chores and got the morning off from making breakfast.  The ladies under the grandstand are open for business all week in the mornings,  so I treated Rick to a Fathers Day breakfast (but it was really for me to take a break haha)  Smart thinking on my part hey?

Jim (2)

The rest of my morning was busy taking photos of the horses and getting things organized for our auction sale at the Calgary Stampede on Saturday July 14.  It feels and Sounds kind of funny me saying we’re having an auction sale.  Seems surreal. At any rate, it’s really going to happen.

Jim, here is quite the horse.  He’s one of the 20 that will be sold on that day.  We bought Jim from Cody, our son, who bought him from retired chuckwagon driver, Jim Nevada.  Yes, that’s how he got his name, after Jim.  He’s a very good Right Wheeler that never quiets and runs like the wind.  This horse is one of Rick’s favorites.


Sanctioning Driver

While doing my morning things, the track was a busy one with wagons hooking up some teams for practice.  Among those going around, was our outrider, Chance Flad.  He is looking to race a chuckwagon in the near future, so he needs to prove himself by racing against another wagon driver, and in front of some drivers to show he has what it takes.  He did very well and will be an asset to the  chuckwagon tour one day.



While awaiting our time to race, we always go to the infield to watch the first three heats.  Today Rick was sitting with fellow driver Obrey Motowylo and his hired gal.  Rick is not a fan of jeans with holes in them, so he had to make it known to her, and tease her just a tiny little bit.



Obreys son Ethen, is becoming one of the top outriders quite quickly.  When he started just a few years ago, his dad hired him to ride behind his chuckwagon for each and every race regardless if he made mistakes.  And when you are starting out, just like anything in life, it takes time to fine tune yourself to get better and better.  I give a high five to Obrey and Ang for keeping him under their wings no matter how many penalty points this would have put on their team while he was just a beginner.  Good on them.  Today Ethan has quite a few rides, and I know he will become a World Champion Outrider, it’s just a matter of time.


Arena Director

The Association has an arena director to keep things running smoothly and help out where he can when things get going.  Retired Veteran Chuckwagon Driver, Buddy Bensmiller takes his job seriously and does a pretty good job when issues arrive.  Keeps him on his toes.


Chip Checking

Before the drivers enter the track for their heat, we have a gal that wands the neck of the horses, checking its numbered chip that was inserted to make sure our horse lineup is what we said we were running when we entered it into the app on our phone for the office to oversee.  It’s just a measure to the rules to make sure the horses are racing only the allotted times that the rule book says.


And They’re Off

I love this shot as there is so much going on while it was taken shortly after the horn had sounded.  Still photos can really tell a story when you look at them.

Rick hooked Louie the grey on the Left Lead, Nickel on the Right Lead, Sporty on the Right Wheel, and Jim on the Left Wheel.  Chance Flad rode Stadium and Rory Jervais rode Ice.  This team rocks!  Rick raced two wide, with this team and they hung in there for a time of 1:02.48 which put him 3rd on the day.  Another very good run.


Cody Ridsdale Run

A huge congratulations goes out to fellow driver Cody Ridsdale and Katrina on their first ever World Professional Chuckwagon Tour win.  They ran very well these past four days and it shows.


Long Time Fans

After the dust settled, we had some long time fans come to say hello, get a poster and a picture taken as well.  It’s always interesting to ask where their journey following the wagons has taken them and who do they cheer for.


So Thankful

This wonderful lady came back to our barns to say thank you for the mini Chuckwagon.  She was pretty excite to receive it as she has been cheering many of the drivers on for years.  I always said, it doesn’t matter who you cheers for, just as long as your cheering for somebody.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S. Someday, everything will make perfect sense.  So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.






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  1. Susan

    I have enjoyed your travelogue over the years and I retired from the college last year and totally agree with you ….

    It just seems as you get older, time passes just that much faster.


    • Hi Bert and Pat
      Good to hear from you. Thank you for following along. Trust all is well in your retired years. I’m sure you are still on the go doing things you like to do.
      Cheers to you

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