Guy Weadick Days High River Alberta Day #3

Howdy All!

Rick and I both awoke around 3 AM to hear the pitter patter sound upon the top of our home on wheels.  When we got up for morning chores, the rain was socked right in along with a gentle but steady wind.  It didn’t look very good for the rest of the day.

Chores were completed in rain gear and rubber boots. I made a big breakfast for the crew including bacon, fried potatoes, scrambled eggs, toast and coffee.  At home we rarely eat like this, but on the road, I find it is better to serve a big breakfast, help yourself kind of lunch, and some kind of hot supper with all the fixings. Nobody ever complains to the cook, so I think I’m good.

The day was a lazy one.  I had full intentions of going to do laundry, but Rick had taken the truck into town to run an errand.  So, too bad for me, I decided to tuck right in, watch a movie and fall asleep.  Yup!  That is exactly what happened.  And I enjoyed every minute of it.


Grandpa Tom Dorchester


Someone had forwarded this photo of Rick’s grandfather Tom Dorchester  (sitting on the fence)  to us on the internet.  I had to share it as the person commented on how he was such a prankster.  Well that he was, and I do know where Rick gets his fun and crazy personality from.



Before long, it was 4 PM.  The time that the track directors would decide if we were going to race or not.  By this time the rain had quite and things seemed ok, despite the soupy mess all around the track.  All things were considered into the decision, and it was know the races would carry on.


Its All in the Lines

I dug out the mud pants, rubber boots and the hat covers and away we went.

Rick decided on hooking our 3rd outfit coming off the two barrel tonight.  They consisted of Bacardi on the Left Lead, Speedy on the Right Lead.  Club on the Left Wheel and Vegas on the Right Wheel.  Quaid held the leaders with Ed, and Chanse Vigen threw the stove with Air.  They had their hands full, as when Rick pulled into the barrels, he came to a full stop, and then a couple of the horses decided to move forward before the horn went.  Darn it anyways!  No worries though, as Chanse managed to grab the Chuckwagon and pull it back into position, just in time for the horn to ring.  We posted a time of 1:21.49 which was good enought to place 3rd on the day and move us to the top of the aggregate.  We’ll take that!

The horses were amazing, and so powerful when they went charging past the bottom barrel and onto the track.  I know they do so well, but it is the driver who leads them.  And I must say………………………Rick is a pretty good skinner, but I know he would never tell you that.


Retired Veteran

We always enjoy seeing and chatting with people we meet after the races.  And tonight was no different as retired Chuckwagon driver,fellow Mel Haase stopped into say hello.  The guys had a pretty good chat and reminisced for some time.


Telling Stories

I guess it was a good decision for me not to go do laundry today as this weather brought in quite a bit more work for me.  I was hoping to leave the duty for another day, and it was good thing that I did.  The hamper became a bit more fuller, so I know whats on the menu for tomorrow.


Shower Time

As people need to wash up after a good day of work, so do the horses.  The ones that are racing on any given night, always have a bath/shower.  It feels pretty good to get the first few layers off after a muddy night.

All in a Days Work

This picture of Chance Flad is one of a kind.  I admire those outriders as it is a very unique and amazing job that they do out on the track.


Happy Campers

During the races here in High River, it is impossible for me to see the mini chuckwagon being given out as I am busy gathering the outiriding horses.  So I found out from my daughter that on social media, these young fellas were the recipients of the mini chuckagon, and were they happy!


A Days Done

One more day has come and gone, and I sure enjoyed just relaxing, rather than “doing” the whole day long.  Sometimes you just gotta do what you do.

From the Travel in Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”


DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Rain is grace; rain is the sky descending to the earth;  without rain, there would be no life.   John Updike

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  1. Good morning Sue , Wow just a little muddy last night glad the rain stopped for you both out there . Good luck Sunday . Sad part is I can’t hear or see the races down East not on the WPCA face book . Thank god you write the letters Sue love them

  2. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see Chuckwagon racing from afar. The video of the race was so enjoyable and each mid splat made me laugh. Congratulations on some great runs!

  3. Thank you for sharing It’s always a great read. We will be cheering for you in Ponoka. Vern. Maidstone SK

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