Guy Weadick Days High River Alberta Day #4

Howdy All!

What a day!  So very, very busy for me.  As it was the final day of racing in High River,  I had my day planned.  And sometimes no matter how planned a person can be, things can change in a moments notice.   With all the mud, came a whole lot of cleaning.  After breakfast I was headed to the laundry mat.  But not before Rick and I took time to visit with our friend Ralph who stopped by.  It was nice to just sit and shoot the breeze in the early morning sunshine.  And how spoiled are we that he brought along a container of coffee and timbits too.

Well the laundry did get done, a few groceries picked up and a quick stop to fuel up the truck, as it was moving day right after the races.  I got back to camp around 2 PM and madly got busy putting the laundry away, packed up things in the trailer, and prepared  lunches for the trip north to Ponoka.

We were treated to a lovely lunch, prepared by our Niemans Water Well Drilling sponsor, Doug.   Our crew and I really appreciated this nice gesture.  It really freed me up to get things ready for our trip.



We thank you Doug and Melissa for the sponsorship, food and friendship.  We were excited to get you a Day Money Run.

It was a bright, hot summer day for the last day of racing in High River.  The track was heavy, but had dried up somewhat.  Rick hooked Spin on the Left Wheel, Sporty on the Right Wheel.  Louie on the Left Lead and Speedy on the Right Lead.  Quaid held the leaders with Stadium and Chanse Vigen threw the stove with Ice.


The Mud is Flying

It was a pretty good run, however Rick felt they didn’t start as hard as they could have.  He still had a decent run placing 5th on the day with a 1:21.29.  This wasn’t quite enough to capture the winning title, as Kurt Bensmiller went just a bit faster.  Congratulations to Kurt and Ashley Bensmiller on the 2018 Guy Weadick Chuckwagon Championship.


The Homestretch Drive

Coming home was a crowd pleaser finish.  The chuckwagons were all so very close.


Break In Between


Three Abroad

I am sharing more of my photos I have taken this past week or so.  I have so many good ones, that I want to share them all!  In time you will be seeing more.


In Sync


Hey There

When the final race was finished the real pack up began.  We had a few extra helpers as our Son Cody was there, our adopted daughter Candice and boy did we fly.  When the last horse was loaded, and we were on our way.  The time was approximately 6:30 PM.  It was smooth sailing all the way to Ponoka. We arrived there around 9:15 and the set up began again.


Ready to Go

We were busy little bees, and again we had a few more helpers.  I think this was the fastest set up yet.


Anxious to Go In



Well it was dark, when the horses were wanting in. They were hungry for their supper.

When the last horse entered the barn and was put in his stall, the clock read 11:00 PM.


Happy and Content

And now that all my work is done, it’s time for me to go to bed too.

From the Travelin Trailer

Sue, with Rick and “Team 23”

DSC_2585 - Copy


P.S.  Do not go where the path may lead.  Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.    Ralph Waldo Emerson



6 thoughts on “Guy Weadick Days High River Alberta Day #4

  1. Rick’s interviews on the radio have been wonderful. I was so disappointed he didn’t win High River. He’s running so well. Good luck at Ponoka.

    • Hi Kimera
      I will pass the message on. I never get to hear them as I’m so busy with the outriding horses.


  2. I’m in Tuktoyaktuk most of the time and I sure look forward to your emails every morning. I will sure miss them when Team 23 retires. I’m originally from Lousana AB, when I was a teenager I used to load bedding on Hugh Greenwood’s truck with Mindy Shingoose for Bill Greenwood . A new found friend(Bob Norton, met him at a Wildrose event) tells me Chuckwagon stories once in awhile. Hopefully I can make it home to see a race before you retire.
    Your posts are like a ray of sunshine, always positive and happy. I wish you and your family all the best in the next chapter of your lives.
    Raymond Clermont

    • Hello Raymond
      This is great to hear from you. Thank you for following along. Mindy and Hugh…….. those are names from a few years ago. Rick will love to hear your story. I will be sure to tell him. And Bob? Well we love the guy! Yes, if you do come to a race, come and see us.

      Thank you for your kind words. I like to see the good things in life, rather than the bad. It makes living life that much better.


  3. Congratulations on a great High River show. Wishing you continued success in Ponoka. Then the capture of the Calgary Stampede would be so nice for Team 23. 😉👏🍀🌾💚

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